Hi there,

I'm Reuben Kihiu,
UI/UX Designer.

I help businesses design products that resonate with their users’ needs and desires 🧠
As a product designer, I believe that understanding user behavior is the key to creating products that people love and use.

Let's talk UX!

I am a UX Designer specialized in creating innovative, user-centric digital experiences. I rely on my 4+ years of professional experience to create attractive, intuitive and simple user experiences.

I also mentor, organize and speak at tech events!

Let’s Design the Future



How I Can Help You


UX Design

From minimalist designs to animations, I combine Beautiful design with functionality


UX Research

I get in the shoes of the user, and build the product with them, not for them.


UX Strategy

I help teams craft strategies for their long term products and projects


As a  big fan of their Youtube Channel, I Approached Carnversations with a redesign of their website that I did as an enthusiast project.

They totally loved it, and I’m now working with them as a UX Designer and Project Manager!

Role: UX Designer, Project Manager


A redesign for Fundi254, an app that seeks to redefine how artisans get jobs and earn a living off their skills.

Role: UX Designer

Falcon v2.0

Before falcon, Enterprise sales orders were done manually, by use of physical forms.

Through several iterations, orders that used to take 10 – 14 working days in the manual way, now take 3 – 5 minutes to process.

Falcon V 2.0 takes automation, mobile communication and Operational UX to the next level!

Role: Team Lead, UX Designer

Presentation available upon request.