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I love being part of visionary, autonomous, fast moving teams that put users first and aren’t afraid of bold moves.

I'm Reuben Kihiu, and I love UX 😃.

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Having had a background in software engineering, I always wanted to build more than just software.

I wanted to create products. And what better way to create products than to design them?

I have since embarked on a life-long, fulfilling and exciting journey to make better products. 

Do you have a good product you’d like to make better? I’m here for you!

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Other Fun Facts About Me

When I am not pushing pixels,

I build EV Technology!

Through our startup Chaji Energy, I lead a team of Electrical, Mechatronic and Mechanical Engineers in the pioneering of Electric mobility in Kenya and Africa.

 We look to do this through the development of Kenyas First integrated Charging Infrastructure network.

Read more about it here.

I Speak at Tech Events!

As a tech community leader in the Kenyan Tech Eco-system, I often give talks and technical demos at various tech events.

These are both Physical and virtual events, where I share my knowledge and skills with other designers.

Some of the communities I lead and contribute to include:

1. Google Developers Groups (GDG)

2. Safaricom Engineering Community

3Young African Devs Community

I Mentor Upcoming Designers!

Being a product of mentorship myself, I devote a few hours every week to the mentoring of other upcoming designers.

I do this both locally, through our communities, and internationally, through Springboard.

My biggest success story is the transition of a Retail Worker at a grocery store into a Junior Designer at a Tech Startup!

I Also Conquer Summits!

With the beautiful and often mountainous Kenyan Landscape, you cannot help but take on the mountains, one summit at a time!


PS: This is the only photo where I’m not regretting the torturous hike 😅